An efficient code means better performance, improved range and control. You can shorten your R&D time with out tested solutions


Human operator, RPA, autopilot assistance or fully autonomous,
We have developed solutions with various degrees of autonomy


Gain control with immediate datalink and telemetry

UnManned vehicles

Unmanned vehicles are operating in Air, land and sea for a wide
variety of application such as HLS, Military, Infrastructure and Energy,
Agriculture , deliveries and much more. Every usage require it’s own
specific needs .
Our code has been tested and verified under the most demanding environments giving you the confidence of optimum mission goal achievement repeatedly

Mask group (14)


Group 5994


Autonomous navigation with predetermined target / destination /on the fly Mission change - Flexibility to change target / mission /route. Route selection by efficiency, short, avoidance and many more parameters. High precision route and target strike. Loitering mode for optimal area coverage , energy efficiency

Group 5995 (1)

Energy management

Efficient resource management system and code allows elongate UAV’s mission and range.

Group 5996 (1)


Working and managing different sensors. Integrate them in soft embedded and on remote locations to create a real time intelligence map.

Group 5998

Launcher management and integration into

C2 Systems of different environments
Mobile / Stationary

Group 5995 (1)

C2 system

Custom Developing
Command and Control
system to mission
management / integration

Sample projects

Hero-120-NEW-300x300 1


Uvision’s solutions incorporate advanced airborne guidance, a unique cruciform configuration, navigation systems, abort and recovery capabilities, embedded simulators and C4 stations fully integrated with high-speed data links.

image 13


The Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)
systems have superior mine counter measures (MCM) capability. This USV facilitates end-to-end mine hunting operations, including detection, classification, location, identification and neutralization of bottom, moored and drifting sea mines while taking the sailor out of the mine field.