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At Pointer Software Systems, we understand that focusing on your value proposition is a key factor to your success.

In many ways, Software development is much like Orchestration where different experts are needed for the seamless execution of a masterpiece. Pointer Software Systems is an orchestrated software optimization and development company focused on delivering top notch software systems. Our unparalleled expertise is built on the foundation of decades of experience developing some of the most sophisticated and efficient command, control and analytics defense applications ever deployed .

Our code is incorporated in the most demanding systems and environments, including critical systems, and is up and running  for more than a decade, giving you the confidence of optimum performance.

Pointer utilizes best coding practices to deliver the right solution for your organization's needs.


How it Works

Analysis &

Prototype design





Analysis & Definition

Our System Engineers have experience in a wide range of industries. This explicit knowledge provides an advantage in understanding your project requirements at all organizational levels. Developing projects to various industries exposed us to a wide range of requirements, this translates into shorten development deadlines, proven and creative solutions.

Prototype design

If you need to quickly validate your product you can start with a prototype. Deliverables can include a High Level Design (HLD), Proof of concept development and development of customized simulators as needed. These will allow you to make sure your product is aligned with your specific requirement


All our FullStack developers are senior level developers. Our team members approach all projects by utilizing best coding practices while maintaining an agile approach. This combination provides project flexibility, timetable adjustment, and prioritization


We perform in-process and pre-deployment testing by our dedicated QA team following ISO9001, ISO90003 and relevant regulation guidelines ( when required) . Our integration engineers are working around the clock making sure production readiness



We perform on-site and remote integration and provide Tier 1 + 2 training to ensure flawless implementation


Your peace of mind is important. so aside from warranty our solutions, We offer Tier 3 and 4 service to support your SLA.

We continue to develop and enhance as needed while preserving the knowledge

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Service continuity is crucial. Intensive maintenance consumes your resources while, in many cases, your service is compromised - leading to loss of business and reputation. Microservices for example, is one method to minimize maintenance impact on service continuity

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In many cases, systems are not future ready in terms of scalability and versatility. By using a modular approach with a wide set of tools we can assure your system to be future proof.

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Inefficient code results in overuse of CPU, memory and power leading to poor system performance. Our code is being tested and validated in the most challenging environments and systems

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Upon considering your project requirements and constrictions, we can offer the optimum architecture and solution.

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