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What to focus on when developing software

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing is having a dedicated and specialized team that has the ability to use all resources to full-scale and take directions to introduce or develop the new focal business goals.

Many outstaffing solutions are mainly concerned with the STAFFING element rather than providing adequate software solutions. Filling a desk does NOT guarantee a solution, in many cases, it doesn’t even speed up development.

The Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management describes “the effectiveness of implementing formed outsourcing business models provides an opportunity to increase profits for companies by increasing the number of single-type projects. This is achieved by increasing the spending on innovation to improve the QUALITY of projects and reduce the DURATION of their development.” 🖥️

Additionally evidence from the the Global Journal of Flexible Systems attributes increased profitability with IT companies who adopt the  outsourcing business models, since these companies “spend more on innovation to improve the quality of projects and reduce the durations of their developments”

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